Wednesday, 22 February 2017

@Alan - Updated sound clips

I have been listening to more sound clips and trying to visualise the sounds in different settings with different characters and environments.  

- Talking to a wizard
- Fox and a Dog having a conversation 

- Guy playing American football
- Animal Pretending to be hit by a car

- Guy not listening to his girlfriend 
- A girl is getting a bandage off after an accident 

- Frogs about to go on a trip to find a new pond
- A man about to set sail to Spain

- Penguins working in an office
- Someone turning all the furniture away from someone in an office

- A man talking to his dog about giving him a tracking collar

- A new charms been added to a charm bracelet, and being briefed by an existing charm

- Bees in a hive with wasps trying to get their honey
- Chickens in a coup with foxes trying to get their eggs 

- Alien that doesn't know he's an alien in a doctors office 
- Normal sheep talking to a shaved sheep

- Two spiders talking, one his killed a man by scaring him 

- Conversation between two sex dolls 

- Punching bag talking to boxing gloves

- Two vulture's finding a dead animal

- Two dogs about to steal a car

- Pieces of play dough 
- Bubbles talking


  1. Hi Ian - I've just seen these (busy day today / the course review). I'll listen to them and get back to you today/tomorrow. Well done finding more.

    1. No problem. The ones from this that stand out to me the most are the one that could be adapted into charms on a charm bracelet and the one that could be adapted into sex dolls.

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  3. All of clips listed below are good options but each will need more development. In particular, the staging of each clip/ joke – The what, where, when, who, and why etc. This should be the next step (see below)…

    2) A Knights Tale – Animals Pretending to be hit by a car. – This works
    3) A Knights Tale – Bandages coming off. – This works
    4) Abbot and Costello – This should be frogs in a French restaurant kitchen.
    5) Anchorman (New suits) – Penguins in an office (This could work but needs to be a bit more logical – eg the other workers are Polar bears and are therefore a threat).
    6) Alien (Tracking device) – This should be an animal and a zoo keeper (to make sense of ‘compound’).
    9) Avengers (Alien) – I think there is potential in this clip and sheep is one solution, however I think there might be a better idea that could go with this dialogue.
    12) Get Smart (Punching) – Again there is potential here and boxing gloves is one potential idea. Although I think there might be a better one. Give it some more thought.
    13) Ice Age – This works.
    14) Men in Black – This works.

    Overall I would say that there is more potential now in your ‘base’ ideas which can be developed into something funny and instantly readable by an audience. The next step would be to consider staging (mentioned above). It also seems that most of your successful ideas are coming from shorter clips so it would perhaps be a good idea to treat this project like a ‘fast sketch show’ where we jump in, a couple of lines are said, and then we more onto the next. You can also think of the clips as three-panel comic strips (that will become animations) – For example in a comic you would have - ‘a staging panel (the setup), a dialogue panel, and then the punchline panel. I’d suggest trying this method out on clips 13 and 14.

  4. Hi Ian... you might have done this already, but not let me know... but if not could you complete the Student Survey and leave a 'done it' on the comments thread - much appreciated :)