Saturday, 4 February 2017

Adaptation B - Idea Explained

For my adaptation part B I have decided to adapt Michael McIntyer's 'Spices' joke. 


I feel as if this joke would work well as there are many punchlines within the same joke. I also feel as if that characters would be fairly simple to model and create. The style in which I would like to make the animation is within maya but with a cartoon feel, such as sausage party but simpler.

I would have eight characters; Salt, Pepper, Sage, Cumin, Oregano, Paprika, Five spice and John West Tuna. As there is a lot of characters I wish to keep them simple, with big eyes to be able to portray emotion and expression. I would not use mouths on the characters to save the time of lip syncing, so I will use the audio from Michael McIntyre playing over the top of the animation. I am also planning on giving the characters hand to be able to be able to add comedic effect to their movements.

I have two ideas of how I think this would work with the style in which I want to use. The first one is to have a straight literal representation, having salt and pepper on the dining room table. They will be doing push up and high five each other, flexing their muscles and showing off. Then in the background we will see all the other spices in a cupboard looking out at salt and pepper. The shot will then go inside the cupboard which is like the spices little den. This is where they would talk amongst each other as they do in the joke, having exaggerated movements to add the comedic effect. Then near the end you hear a voice for the dark corner of the cupboard and this is where John West Tuna comes out at the end.

The second idea that I have to adapt this joke, which I feel is a stronger idea and the idea which I am planning on going with is to have the salt and pepper as prison guards and all the other spices locked in individual cells across from one another, sharing their stories.
This would start off with the Salt and Pepper prison guards walking down the hallway in between all the cells, hitting their battons against the bars, giving each other high fives and then walking into their office which has pictures of them on the wall and trophies all around. When they go into the room we stay in the hallway with the other spices who start talking amongst each other across the cells. The spices will all have their own little characteristics to fit in with the joke such as the Paprika will be in a straight jacket with a bandage round his head facing the wall. And John West will be in the furthest away cell, with a big over grown moustache as he has been their so long.

Character Influence

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