Sunday, 18 December 2016

Narrative - Reflective Statement Reworked

Throughout this project I found different factors that I worked well with and also parts that I struggled with. One of the first factors which I found had to experience was working with a group for the first time. At first I found this a bit of a struggle having to rely on others to progress with work but after a couple of weeks I became accustom to it and found I actually rather enjoyed this method, feeding off ideas and motivation of group members to help progress.
When it came to the production I found one of the main challanges simply being having to preform certain tasks which I haven't had to complete to such an extent. For example with the building of the rig I found this challangeing but very helpful as it improved my rigging skills and knowledge, by the end of it being able to complete steps very quickly which came in very useful when having to create the 2d characters and rigs in maya. From this though I found a lot of issues with skinning. I had not yet had to skin a model to the extent of the ones which we had to work with. I did manage to skin the models but I found this one of the most time consuming processes as I found I kept having problems arise which would set me back.
Overall I found as if my job roles for this project fit my strengths and also allowed me to develop other skills which I previously lacked.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Narrative - Reflective Statement

Overall I feel as if this group project went well. I enjoyed working in a group environment as it allowed me to experience working in a different way to which I am used to. I felt the group also gave initiative and extra motivation as not only did I not want to let myself down, but I didn't want to let down and disappoint the group members who were relying on me to complete my job roles. If having to repeat the project I feel that we would have a complete finished animation as I feel like the first initial weeks of settling into the group may have slowed us down. After working together and understanding the ways in which different group members work, the animation started to progress more.

Narrative - Original Rough Storyboard

Narrative - Giant Steps Original Rough Script

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Narrative - Characters Rigged and Skinned


Space Girl with rig and skinned

Space boy with rig and skinned
Space girl with rig and skinned
Space boy with rig and skinned