Friday, 15 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Character Development - Rigging

Today I added rigs to all three of my police cell characters. For two of them I also had to make eye constraints for eye movement. My next step will be to work on the characters textures and once that is finished I will be ready to animate them.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Main characters with UV texture

The next step I will take in the modelling process with my characters is to rig them next. Once I have the characters rigged that is when I will focus on one of the more important aspects for these characters which is the texturing process. The reason why this is important for me is I am using that to give the characters clothes and mouths. This will make them look on the more cartoonist style which is what I am aiming for. It will also make the lip syncing process slightly easier being able to draw 2d cut out of mouths with certain movements and then just switching them frame by frame to make the lip sync possible.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Character Development

I have started to model my characters for my final animation. To do this I created one half of the character and then mirrored it. This worked well for symmetrical modeling but unfortunately it is also mirroring the UV map, something which I need to try and solve. Also where I have made the arms extruding from the main body this has caused the texture to be stretched a long the arms which I need to try and find a solution for. The texturing for this model is very important as I am keeping the actual model itself simple then using textures for the mouth and clothes which will hopefully give the animation a more cartoony feel which is what I am aiming for.