Thursday, 23 March 2017

Adaptation B - Character Development

After my feedback from the pitch today I need to focus more time on my character design. To help me gets better understanding of the dimensions of my characters to allow me to draw them how I want them to look I started playing around with some sculpting clay. I feel as if just from making this simple character it has given me a better understanding of how to draw the character. Espcily regardibg the beck and the depth of the face.

Adaptation B - Pitch Presentation

Sound Clip Skit Show Pitch Presentation by Ian Garling on Scribd

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Adaptation B - Sound Clip Skit Show - Animatic

Maya Tutorial - Lighting & Rendering - MIA Material X - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting and Rendering - Mental Ray Proxies - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting & Rendering - Motion Blur - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting & Rendering - Ambient Occlusion - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting and Rendering - HDR Image - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting & Rendering - Portal Lights - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting & Rendering - Physical Sun & Sky - Updated

Maya Tutorial - Lighting and Rendering - Samples & Quality Control - Updated Colour management

Render 1

Render 2

Render 3

Render 4

Monday, 13 March 2017

Adaptation B - Skit Storyboards

For my adaptation B I have 5 skits that all revolve around 3 main characters. Wilbur, Joan and Geoff. These characters are frogs and the skits follow their journey in the day. The skits have been made from sound clips from films and then taken out of context to be humours.

Skit 1 the frogs are in a tank and one, Wilbur, gets selected. Thinking he's going on a trip the other frogs want to go with him. After jumping in the net and getting about the wall of the tank they realise they are in a french restaurant about to be prepared. Sound clip 1 :
Skit 1

Skit 1
In skit 2 we see the chefs legs on the floor as he has died. Wilbur prods him to see if he's okay, then runs off. Two snails who have been watching comment on the situation. Sound clip 2:
Skit 2
In skit 3 Wilbur sees a chance to impress Joan. When he sees an oncoming car he runs across the road and jumps in front of the car making it look like he's been hit by it when it actually misses him. Geoff runs over to help Wilbur just to find out it was a scheme to get Joan's attention. Sound clip 3:
Skit 3

Skit 3
In skit 4 the frogs have stolen the car the hit Wilbur, after it pulled over from hitting him. The frogs, not knowing how to use the car, end up crashing it into the front of a shop. Sound clip 4:
Skit 4

Skit 4
 In skit 5 the frogs are in the vets office after the crash in the previous skit. Joan has suffered an injury and is asking Wilbur if he cares if she is ugly. His answer is apparent. Sound clip 5:
Skit 5
Skit 5