Thursday, 13 April 2017

Adaptation B - Storyboard developed

Adaptation B - Character Final Designs

Overall I am happy with my character. He has likeability to the viewers as he appears friendly and welcoming. I feel as if the front and side view resemble the same character well. I will now take these designs into Maya and start modelling my character in 3d.

Adaptation B - Character Side View Clean Up

Adaptation B - Character Side View

When working on a side view for my character I tried a few different styles to try and make it look as similar to the front view as possible. From these attempts I feel as if fig 1 has the most likeness to the character front view. My next step will be to draw this side view digitally and clean it up to be able to take the front and side view into Maya to start modelling.
fig 1

fig 2

fig 3

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Adaptation B - Character Colour Tests

1                                                                            2

3                                                                               4
5                                                                        6
From doing these colour tests I have come to the conclusion that the frog needs to be a lighter shade for it to be more appealing. I feel as if the colours in images 1, 4 and 6 are the strongest of what I have tested.

Adaptation B - Character Clean Up

I am currently working on more cleaned up drawings of my frog character. I will try a few more colour compositions too to try and find the best fit. I feel as it this drawing will work well as a front orthograph for modelling in 3d as well.

@Alan - Adaptation B - Frog Designs continued and finalised

 After looking through different designs of frog characters and looking back through my sketches I decided to try to design the frog slightly differently (fig 1). I found that these didn't quite fit the character design I want to go for but it allowed me to develop further to get to what I like to think are my final designs in figures 4, 5, 6 and 7. I have received positive feedback from these designs from people i have asked that are within the target audience. I plan on taking these designs further digitally, creating pieces of concept art as well as orthographs so I am able to take the character into maya to start to model him.
fig 1
fig 2
fig 3
fig 4
fig 5
fig 6
fig 7

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Adaptation B - Character Designs and Development

I am currently still working to develop my frog character to a professional standard before taking it into Maya to model in 3d. From looking at the progression of the sketches that I have I can notice a great improvement in the development and design of the character. I feel as if I am slowly getting the character to look more and more appealing the the viewer as well as getting the right mixture of cartoon frog while still including realistic elements. Any feed back on designs would be very appreciated.