Tuesday, 21 February 2017

@Alan - Adaptation B Updated Idea

For my adaptation B I have been unable to find a joke of a phrase that works well with what I want to do so I have come to change my idea to having it as more of a skit show. I want to take audio from films and television an adapt this to have it work in a different, comedic way. My main idea is the have an 'Animal Skit Show', so instead of adapting audio from actors into human characters I want to completely change the context to make it work with animals in a humorous way.

One of the ideas for a skit was to use this audio clip from 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' and flip it to have two ducks in their house which is surrounded by foxes that want to get inside and eat them. One of the ducks, who will take the voice of Lyn, will be trying to convince the other duck, who is very afraid, that they will be able to take on the foxes. As the duck is saying the story of how they will fight the foxes it will cut to his imagination of the actions taking place, e.g pulling out the foxes eye. As this will allow room for comedic effect. http://goo.gl/apQlK 

My idea for the second skit is to use an audio clip from 'The Big Lebowski'. My idea is to have a pig being interrogated by another, higher up pig, in their world that is inside the slaughter house. The other pigs are unaware that they are in a slaughter house and have blamed the disappearing pigs on the one being interrogated. The pig being interrogated will be trying to tell the other pigs that things aren't right and that they are in a slaughter house, with the other pigs ignoring his warning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMuFYnvSsZg (0:04-0:33)

The idea for the third skit will be to use a sound clip from Gordon Ramsey's "Hell's Kitchen". To adapt this sound clip my idea is to have it as though a few animals are living in a student house together and one of them is having a go at all of the others because of the mess in the house. Where it is a university house I would like to use a few different animals from different parts of the world to represent the different people you meet at university. I believe this would be rather comedic as it will be a real life reference as most people living in a student house have to deal with mess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjy_FKODsTM&t=43s (0:55-1:15)


  1. Find more Ian. Sorry but I want to see a long list on here not just three. The world is full of possibilities and I want to see options. When I set up the Character project I went through 100's of clips and found ideas that suited them all before narrowing down. Then, everyone in your group with Justin came up with 100's more idea that I never thought of too. As I said there is a world of possibilities and I think you're finding things you like as opposed to seeing the potential in a piece of dialogue - There is a difference. Sorry to be so direct but time is running out and you need to cast your net much wider. Post more and I will take a look again. Also, don't be scared to put short clips on your blog that you are unsure of with just a tagline underneath (such as world - see below)...I will help you dig deeper. Here are some sights...


    ...The way to approach this is to put the sound clips on your blog with a one to two line explanation underneath or just a world even (not a big explanation). Eg, this would work in a Therapists office. See Dan's blog below...


    Keep going Ian.

  2. If you get stuck come in and see me and we'll go through the clips together.