Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Script to Screen - Initial ideas

Quick Plot Ideas 

  1. Archaeologist goes to a restaurant. While there he discovers an old vacuum cleaner displayed on the wall is an ancient relic.
  2. Owner of food franchise wants to discover first restaurant for publicity. Hires an archaeologist to discover this within a certain time. Archaeologist creates a digging invention out of a vacuum cleaner to search quicker.
  3. Reward for the discovery of a lost ancient restaurant offered for first discovery buy a museum. To main archaeologists take on the challenge trying to race against each other to discover the restaurant. One is lazy and takes his time. The other one rushes to discover it the old fashion way. When he is just about to complete the dig to discover it his tools break. The other shows up with a vacuum cleaner and sucks up all the dirt to win the reward. 
  4. Archaeologist convention held at a grand hotel restaurant is cut short by a fire caused by a hotel cleaners vacuum cleaner. One archaeologist saves the day by fighting the fire.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so a 'restaurant' is just a place where people go to eat; it might be fun to think of 'cannibal restaurants' for example; temples, or ruins in which this activity took place. The 'vacuum cleaner' might just be a specialist bit of archeologist equipment - for sucking the debris off/out of ruins.

    Another thought; if you decided your story was set at the microscopic level, I can imagine how your 'archeologist' might take us on a journey 'down the back of the sofa' (for example) where we travel down through layers and layers of debris (there might be a dustbug's 'restaurant' for example. We could sort of keep digging down. Perhaps your film is a sort of 'faux' documentary - a journey deep into the hoover bag, in which we find the 'ruins' of discarded stuff (oh, and that dustbug restaurant) - something with the feel of something like this?