Monday, 18 January 2016

Script to Screen: Idea in detail

The three words which I pulled from the blue box's where:
Character - Archaeologist 
Location - Restaurant
Prop - Vacuum Cleaner

We start in an ant colony's HQ. The top ants are gathered around a table having a discussion about the current food crises that they are suffering. After hours of debating ideas they agree on assembling a team to go on an expedition to the legendary 'restaurant' (that is the kitchen of the house in which the ant's colony is in). 

From the last scene it will cut to a line up of four ants. One, our main character, is an archaeologist (Indiana Jones type character) the colony hired to lead the expedition as the kitchen still remains a legend. The second is the archaeologist's assistant. The third character is a solider ant to protect them on the journey. The last character to go on the expedition is a navigation expert worker ant. From the line up of the characters it will cut to a quick brief of what the expedition is. From here it will go straight into the ants journey. First travelling through the grass forest where they have an encounter with an unfriendly beetle, but the main character uses his cunning to help the group escape. 

The group arrive at the house, which no ant has ever entered before and is rumoured that once entered an ant will never return. The ants find a crack in the door frame and crawl through to get into the house. As soon as entering they are met by a thick bright forest of carpet. The ants have never encountered a material like this and are extremely hesitant, but continue on the journey none the less. After travelling through the forest for a while they start to get the scent of an enticing smell and can see a bright light through the foliage only a few meters away (To them this is a few miles). As they start to get excited they hear a loud roar start in the room. almost immediately the ants can notice a change in the wind and start to panic. They feel as if they're going to be sucked from the carpet into the sky. Holding onto strands for their dear life. (What is really going on is the house is being vacuumed by the owner) While the ants are struggling already the notice the power of the wind greatly pick up and the lights go down. The vacuum cleaner is directly on top of them, After a struggle the navigation ant cannot hang on any longer and gets sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. Straight after this the vacuum cleaner goes off and the winds die down. The remaining ants vow to make it to the legendary restaurant in memory and commence.

Nearing the end of the carpet the ants get excited and put a final spring and burst through the foliage into the amazing restaurant. Food as big as an entire colony the ants cant contain their excitement. After eating as much as they possibly could they gather as much food as they can hold and make their way back to the colony. This time knowing where they are going and in the cover of night the journey is uneventful. Once returning to the colony they give them all of the food they brought back and give the location of the restaurant, which is now named after the fallen ant. The archaeologist and his assistant accept their pay and go on their way to the next adventure. 

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  1. Hey man! Really like what you've got going here! Just thought of a couple of thinks as I read through, I think maybe you could give the line up of ants being assembled at the beginning of the story a bit more of a moment, make the team coming together more of a prominent point rather than them just already being formed and ready?

    The only thing I didn't really get was why the vacuum just turned off and the ants escaped? I get that the owner may have simply finished, but to me I wanted to see more action there rather than the team just getting out of trouble with minimal effort. Had you thought about the possibility that the team hears the vacuum and an Indiana Jones style chase ensues resulting in the ants escaping by the skin of their teeth through a gap, then finding that they've found the kitchen via happy accident.