Saturday, 23 January 2016

Script to Screen: Idea Development Post OGR

We first start with four ants desperately clinging onto strands of carpet while getting sucked into the sky. The force pulling them up changes direction from left to right frequently which causes one of the ants to loose grip and get sucked up. Very shortly after another one of the ants can no longer hold on and gets sucked up. The two remaining are the main character, Ant Jones and his assistant. They both look at each other as if they know what they have to do and almost simultaneously they both let go and are sucked up into the sky. Scene fades to black.

From here the scene will cut to a line up of our ants. One, our main character, is an archaeologist (Ant Jones) the colony hired to lead the expedition as the kitchen still remains a legend. The second is the archaeologist's assistant. The third character is a solider ant to protect them on the journey. The last character to go on the expedition is a navigation expert worker ant. From the line up of the characters it will cut to a quick brief of what the expedition is and a greeting scene will take place where relationships between the main characters are made apparent. From here it will go straight into the ants journey. First travelling through the grass forest where they have an encounter with an unfriendly beetle, but the main character uses his cunning to help the group escape.

The group arrive at the house, which no ant has ever entered before and is rumoured that once entered an ant will never return. The ants find a crack in the door frame and crawl through to get into the house. As soon as entering they are met by a thick bright forest of carpet. The ants have never encountered a material like this and are extremely hesitant, but continue on the journey none the less.

The scene will fade as if to represent time has passed. After travelling through the forest for a while they start to become tired and need to take a break as it has been a tedious journey through the thick carpet. As they start to relax they hear a loud roar start in the room. almost immediately the ants can notice a change in the wind and the feel of danger is in the air. They feel as if they're going to be sucked from the carpet into the sky. Holding onto the ground and trying to secure themselves any way possible. (What is really going on is the house is being vacuumed by the owner) While the ants are struggling already the notice the power of the wind greatly pick up and the lights go down. The vacuum cleaner is directly on top of them. while still holding on the navigation ant starts to slide down the strand of carpet she is holding onto getting close and close to the end. This is where we cut back to the opening scene.
The scene starts with light slowly starting to build up and we are focused on our main character who is waking up from being unconscious. In a daze he looks around trying to find the members of his teams. Slowly finding them one by one the team reassembles. Once the shock of what had just happen starts to wear off the ants look around at their surroundings realising that they are surrounded by different bits of food. Thousands of crumbs from different types of food. They had found the legendary restaurant. The ants start rejoicing and collecting as much food as possible. While doing this they hear sounds coming from the dim lighted room that they are in and start to see a large figure coming out of the depths of the darkness from the restaurant. The Scene fades to black and the words "To be continued" appears on screen.

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  1. Hey Ian - I really like the non-linear structure here - the use of that first scene to engage us straight away - and then the cut back to the exposition of the story. I think you probably need to look at ways of condensing the section in the middle, because I don't know if you'll have time for the 'beetle encounter' - anyway, you should get this into a screenplay asap and fine-tune things there - I think it will become obvious if the middle is baggy... Looking forward to this going into development, Ian.