Saturday, 28 January 2017

Adaptation A - Idea Explained

For adaptation A I am doing 'How to survive a game of Monopoly'
To convey this idea into a infomercial I am going to have a 3d monopoly board with two pieces on it. These pieces will represent two players who are going round the board. The dice will roll and the pieces will land on different properties. Each property will have a different monopoly mono-trope instead of the property name. These tropes will be different types of players or annoying features of the game that can cause the usual monopoly arguments. The tropes will be places around the board on properties which fit the placement of the property on the board, such as the more expensive the property the more annoying and higher the impact trope. When a piece lands on the property there will be a few points which explain the trope and how to watch out for it, therefore, survive it. 

For the mono-tropes that will go onto the board I have a list of different ideas:
  • Money Tennis - The act of two players having to give money back and forth to each other.
  • Forgetful Tanker - The banker that forgets to give you your £200 for passing 'Go'
  • Property Mogul - The player that buys all of the properties and has at least one of most colours.
  • Bargain Hunters - The players who always try to haggle and offer terrible deals for your properties.
  • The Survivor - The player who has minimal properties but always seem to have just enough to pay rent and stay in the game for as long as possible.
  • The Slum Lord - The player who ends up with just the brown properties.
  • No Deal Danny - The one player who has all the properties people need to make a monopoly but they'll never make a deal to trade them.
  • Mr Moneybags - The player who ends up with stacks of cash in front of them.
  • The Conductor - The player who ends up with all of the railroads making you pay 4x the normal price.
  • The Utilities man - The player who ends up with the electric and water company which will make you pay 10x the amount of the dice.
  • The Rule follower - The person who makes sure no one is cheating and all the rules are done by the book.
  • The Rule breaker -  The player who tries to get out of landing or paying for properties by cheating
  • The Developer - The person who gets the early monopoly and goes straight for the hotels.
  • The sore looser - The player who just hates having to pay out and loosing, usually kicking up a fuss.

I still need to work on the placement for the mono-tropes, putting them in the most suiting places for the trope, also including chance and community chest.

Image result for monopoly pieces
Monopoly Pieces
For the design of the monopoly board I was thinking of going with one of the original, classic designs, as it would be one that everyone easily recognises.
Monopoly board 1
Monopoly board 2

Monopoly board 3

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