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The Hero's Journey - The Big Lebowski

Fig 1.
The Big Lebowski is a film about Jeff Lebowski 'The Dude', played by Jeff Bridges, The Dude is just an aveage guy who enjoys bowling and the occasional white russian. He ends up gets caught up in trying to save the kidnapped wife of a man with the same name. 

Call to advenutre
The call to adventure in The Big Lebowski happens right at the start when The Dude's apartment gets broken into and the people who break in pee on his rug. During this we find that they was looking for another Jeff Lebowski.
The Refusal to Call
We see the refusal to call take place when The Dude goes to Mr Jeff Lebowski's house (the man with the same name) and wants to be compensated for the rug. Mr Lebowski refuses to compensate The Dude for the rug but at leaving The Dude takes one anway.

Supernatural aid
The super natural aid in this film comes from Mr Lebowski contating The Dude and need The Dudes help to try and recover his kidnapped wife, Bunny.

Crossing the Threshold
The Dude accepts £20,000 from Mr Lebowski to help get his wife back. Meaning The Dude is now tied into this agreement.
The Belly of the Whale
The belly of the whale in this journey is when The Dude has to do the money drop to get Bunny Lebowski back. The Dudes friend Walter comes along and it ends up going wrong due to Walter.
Road of Trials 
After the drop goes wrong The Dude still has the money that was intented for the drop. He going bowling and when he leaves the bowling ally he finds out that his car, with the money still in it, has been stolen.
Meeting the Godess
The Godess in this story is Maud Lebowski, Mr Lebowski's daughter. She breaks into The Dudes apartment while he is in there to take back the rug that The Dude had taken from Mr Lebowski. Maud and Mr Lebowski do not have a good relationship.
Woman as Temptress
As well as being the Godess within this story we can see that Maud is also the woman temptress towards The Dude.
Atonment with Father 
The atonment with father happens betwen Maud and Mr Lebowski. She wants to steal the money that Mr Lebowski has given The Dude to get Bunny Lebowski back. She tries to convince The Dude to steal it with her so we can see this tie in with being the temptress.
Apotheosis (God Like)
The God like character we meet in this story is the cowboy who is narrating the story. The Dude has na inteaction with him half way through the story and he gives him some advice and is made out to be a wise man.
Ultimate Boon
The ultimate boon is when The Dude realises that Bunny Lebowski was never kidnapped and she had actually ran away. At this point it is all speculation but seems likely.
Refusal of return
The refusal of return is from Bunny Lebowski who refuses to return to her original home. We find that there is a private investigator hired by her parents to try and find her and bring her home.
Magic Flight
The magic flight is when Mr Lebowskis plan comes out and we see the parts of the story where he had secretly been playing it out throughout the story.
Rescue from Without
We can see the rescue from without whe The Dude, Walter and Donnie are leaving the bowling ally and the fight happens between them and a group of germans who wanted to get money from The Dude due to the flase kidnapping.
Crossing return threshold
The moment we see The Dude crossing the return threshold is when him and Walter spread Donnies ashes on the top of a cliff.
Master of two worlds
We can see The Dude is master of two worlds now that everything is over and he has gone back to play in the semi finals of his bowling tournament. 
Freedom to Live
Everything is back to normal. We have a talk out from the cowboy narrator talking about how this story is over for The Dude.

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