Monday, 17 October 2016

Character - Character idea

For my character project I was given sound clip 15. In this clip the dialogue is "One final thing I need to do. Then I'll be free of the past." This is said in a slow and slightly sinister way. The settings I was given to choose from was either a 'Talent show' or 'Museam'. After speaking with Justin in the character classes I came up with an idea that I am happy with. The world that I chose for my character was a talent show. My idea for this project is to have a magician and his assistant preforming auditions for a talent show to a judge. The three characters involved will be the Magicain, his assistant and the judge. There will be tense chemistry between the magician and his assistant. She will drop things and mess up tricks but the magicain still trys to keep things together infront of the judge who will be clearly bored and have his hand hovering over the buzzer. We can see the tension build between the magician and his assistant by darting eyes and sinister looks between the two. As the judge is about to press the buzzer to say no the magicain tells hime to wait. He slowly says the quote and while he does he takes his hat off and looks towards the assistant. He then pulls a gun out of his hat and points in towards the assistant. Then cut to black.

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