Monday, 5 October 2015

Invisible cities thumbnails 35 - 64

 When producing these thumbnails I realised that painting in colour, although making the images more appealing, is a lot more time consuming as I am spending a lot of time trying to decide what colour should be used for what. If I continued like this I would have been in a bad place as I would be very behind I believe. I still feel as if I need to improve my skills both drawing and digital painting but I do believe I am slowly improving.
Images 35 and 36 are of Zirma, one of the cobblestone street and the other of a lunatic internal shot. Image 37 is an internal shot looking out the window of Ersilla. 38 - 39 are of Zenobia with the houses on bamboo stilts. And thumbnail 40 is of Tamara.

Images 41 - 42 are of Leonia, I was trying to represent the plastic coating over the side walk and all new items in a bathroom but I did find this a bit difficult and think the thumbnails are a bit unclear. Thumbnails 43 - 44 are of Thekla trying to show the scaffolding and construction taking place past the plank fence. 45 -46 are of Diomera with 46 an attempt at an internal shot but I have found internal shots rather difficult to convey.

Image of Tamara, I have found it rather difficult trying to portray this city, it is supposed to be a front shot of a store with the scale sign above it. Image 48 is of Armila trying to show the porcelain bathtubs and sinks left behind. Thumbnails 49 and 50 are of Ovtavia showing the bridges and beams from the mountain supporting the city. Images 51 and 52 are of Moriana showing the serpentine encrusted columns and also behind the big rusting metal wall.

Image 53 is a shot of houses along the canal in Anastasia. Images 54 - 56 are of Phyllis, I particularly like this city as there are so many different possibilities with the bridges. Image 57 is of Ersilla looking down from the mountains onto the city and image 58 is a thumbnail of looking down one of the winding streets in Esmerelda
Thumbnails 59 - 60 are internal shots of Fedora inside the building which is a 'museum of orbs'. Images 61- 62 are of Isura, the city of wells. Image 63 is an internal shot of Sophronia, trying to show the two different halfs of the city. Thumbnail 64 is  of Esmerelda, showing a bridge at the end of the street crossing a canal.

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