Thursday, 8 October 2015

Invisible cities 65 - 94

Thumbnail 65 is a shot of Zirma trying to convey the girl walking the puma but I found trying to draw the animal rather difficult. Thumbnail 66 is of Moriana and the girls dancing under the chandelier. thumbnails 67 - 69 are of Esmerelda, 67 is showing if you arrive to the city by boat. Image 68 is a above shot of the city and 69 is showing a gondola going down the canals. Thumbnail 70 is of a suspension bridge in Phyllis.

Thumbnails 71 - 73 are of Phyllis showing the different bridges and the use of barges. Thumbnail 74 is an interior shot of Esmeralda and looking out onto the canal through a window. Thumbnails 75 and 76 are trying to convey the bamboo and zinc houses of Zenobia.

Thumbnails 77 and 78 are of Argia. I found it difficult to try and convey the presence of dirt everywhere. Image 79 is of a statue in Diomira. Thumbnail 80 is an interior shot of Octavia with the hammocks. 81 and 82 are two different imagery I could visualize when thinking of the secret garden pool in Anastasia.

Thumbnails 83 - 84 are of Despina, one approaching the city wall from the sand and the other from a boat. Images 85 and 86 are of Thekla trying to show all the scaffolding outside a building and then a shot of an empty building with tools in it. Images 87 and 88 are one way in which I visualized the houses in Octavia to look like.

Thumbnail 89 is of Esmeralda showing the bridges of the different levels. Thumbnail 90 is another shot of Anastasia secret garden and pool. Thumbnail 91 is a shot of a skyscraper in Zenobia but from the bottom of the building. Thumbnail 92 is another shot of Esmeralda with the bridges going from different levels of the city. Images 93 - 94 are long shots of Octavia showing the huts attached to the spider webb like structure.


  1. three things, Ian - one, I don't think 'drawing' is helping you create interesting thumbnails: I suggest you think about some of the layering/collage techniques you looked at in Jordan's class to help you think more in terms of 'forms and structures' and likewise 'scenes' - it does seem as if you're struggling to 'zoom out' in terms of your visions. Two) you should consider working at 16:9 aspect ratio, as I don't think working square is helping you creating interesting compositions and three) where exactly if your OGR? You appear to be in particular need of feedback and shot in the arm, but it's hard to be as helpful as I'd like when you're so behind. Anything you can do to reverse the trend promptly?

    1. Hi Phil, I agree with you completely with the first two points, I have been trying to use different techniques and styles while creating these thumbnails but this is a weak spot for me and I have found it very difficult throughout this project. I will be uploading my OGR today completed with thumbnails and I will also be uploading the two film reviews (Metropolis and King Kong) that I have not yet uploaded. I will get on top of this work as soon as possible.