Thursday, 24 September 2015

Maya Tutorial 1 - Egg Cup

Today I worked on the first Maya tutorial that was set to us. I have previous experience and feel comfortable within the software. But just from this one tutorial I learnt of tools that I was previously unaware of. The revolve tool is one of the tools which I hadn't used before and it makes modelling simple objects so much easier and less time consuming.
Here you can see the first outline you make for the egg cup. I found this process fairly easy but when it come to moving the vertexes to make the object more precise I experienced some problems as I am only used to working on polygons. 
This is the first egg cup that I made when using the revolve tool. This is before I went back to the side view to clean up the object and make the shape look more realistic.
This is the finalised egg cup made using the revolve tool, I am happy with in for the amount of time that it took to create. This method of modelling will be really useful in projects so I would like to practice with it more to improve my abilities using the method.

This was the stage of adding the edge loop tool on the polygon. This method is more time consuming then the revolve method, but I do prefer working with polygons currently as I am used to it so can model the object to more specifics and get it exactly to the shape that I want it to be.

Here are the final four egg cups, The dark blue one is made using the revolve tool. The red cup is a polygon model that has not been smoothed. The green cup is a smoothed polygon model and the final light blue model is the egg cup with more subdivisions.


  1. Well done Ian, glad you feel comfortable with those polys.