Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Invisible cities 7-16

Numbers 7 - 9 are of Octavia in black and white digital paintings. Number 10 is a rural shot of Anastasia in colour.

Images 11 and 12 are of Diomira. One long shot of the city and then an up close of one of the domes.  13 to 15 are of Despina. 13 is an aerial shot of the city while 14 is a shot from sea and 15 from camel. 16 is a aerial shot of Esmerelda.
Overall I feel as if I am slowly improving with my digital paintings and I am beginning to feel more comfortable working within Photoshop and with my overall drawing skills and techniques.

1 comment:

  1. looking good might want to use a stronger opacity or a harder brush so your colour doesn't washout to much but I can see number seven looks like its in the distance and the central shape in number 8 looks like it could be amazing piece