Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B - Reflective Statement

Overall I feel as if from the mid point of this project I worked very well. My main draw back was the first half was wasted on being over optimistic of what I could achieve in the time that we had. I wanted to create a full animation but unaware of all the little time consuming tasks I would have to do, i was being very naive. But from the interim crit and being told that this idea would not work to full completion I have found what I have managed to achieve within the time from that presentation to the hand in, is something I am proud of. I still feel as if there are aspects of my character that I could have improved on such as giving the character a facial rig. Another aspect in which I feel as if I let myself down a bit in is that I was rarely around university doing work. Although I was at home doing work this meant that I was unable to ask for help when needed, which then left me having to spend time trying to fix a problem, that would have been fixed fairly quickly if I had someone to ask for help. From the time that I started to model my character to finish date I feel as if I managed my time well, knowing how much effort I would have to put in to get the character finished to the extent that it is. I feel as if I learnt a lot this project as well and that it has prepared me well for third year as I now how some sort of idea of how much effort and time it will take to create a professional standard character for an animation.

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