Monday, 7 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - First Script

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  1. Hey Ian - I think this is very charming! I really enjoyed your script :) You're going to need some pro voice over artists - visit the Sound Resource folder on myUCA under FV and you'll find some websites etc. In terms of style tips, the more I read your script, the more I'm put in mind of this kind of simple 1950s style:

    Do a google image search for 'UPA animation' and 'UPA animation style' - if you look at this stuff, you'll see that the backgrounds are block colour with line-art on top and things are kept simple; notice too how the colours sort of 'escape' their outlines too - and notice how simple the character design is in terms of shapes. Watch some UPA animations too - see how they do what they do. I think this bold, simple 1950s style could really suit your story world :)